Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dressing Your Man

Y'all know I love shopping at Nordstrom for myself and also my son, but you might not know that I also browse the men's clothing and grab things for my husband now and then.  It's nice to surprise him with a new shirt or pair of jeans, especially since he hardly ever shops for himself.  If it were up to him, he'd probably wear short and shirts with sports logos most of the time.  But, I know he appreciates looking good and having something nice to pull out of the closet when it's time to go out.  

The key to successfully shopping for your man is knowing his style and not trying to force him into something that he won't feel good in.  I know it'd be a cold day in hell before I ever get my man to wear skinny jeans (not that I've tried) or a cardigan (okay, so maybe I tried), so I don't go there.  But, he looks great in a nice pair of Hudson or Joe's jeans and a colorful button-down shirt, so I'll often choose those for him.  If the style I bought doesn't fit (or he's not a fan), it's no problem to return since Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns.  

Does your guy feel most comfortable in a t-shirt?  Then get him a few you'd like to see him in.  I love those worn-in type tees and found a cool one featuring our home state (similar here and here) and also a cozy flannel shirt (similar) for fall that go great with two of his Joe's jeans (here and here).  

I admit to being crazy for a guy's baseball tee and have no idea why.  Mine got the red and grey one below recently.  They go great with a relaxed jean (here and here) and sneakers for a clean look.

For a casual outfit that's more dressed-up, you can go with a darker wash jean (here and here) and a button-down shirt.  Sneakers can be worn with almost anything these days, but loafers feel like you're giving your outfit a bit more effort.  These navy Toms got great reviews and they come in other colors.  

For date night, a black pair of jeans (here and here) says nighttime and looks great with a button-down and nice pair of black shoes. 

Do you shop for your man?  Does he like what you pick out? 

I'm proud to partner with Nordstrom on this post.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Decor : Pumpkins, Flowers and Baby Breath

There was this little, white shabby chic wooden wagon sitting in the entrance to my Hobby Lobby that I kept passing every time I went to the store.  I would think, "You sure are cute, but I don't really need a wagon and where would I keep you when I'm not using you anyway?"  But, I'm so glad I finally decided to bring him home.  It's been almost two years and he's been seen around our house at Valentine's Day and Easter, and now for the Fall decor on our front porch. 

It could be all the Fixer Upper I've been watching lately (don't you just love that show and those people?!), but I'm more and more drawn to rustic elements lately.  

For this little white wagon, I started by putting in a shoebox for height, then covering it with hay I had left over from previous Fall decorating escapades.  A daddy, mama and baby pumpkin came next along with a few faux apples to fill in the gaps.  Fresh flowers and sprigs of baby breath add life to the wagon.  Although our weather is cooling, we're still seeing highs in the 80s, so these flowers seem appropriate here. 

When I worked in a flower shop in high school, we kept single stem flowers alive in plastic test tubes filled with water and a rubber lid with a slit, so if you wanted to ensure your live flowers don't die, you could add those here and bury the tubes down into the hay.  Of course, faux flowers and baby breath would be cute too and hassle free. 

I brought my flowers and baby breath inside to keep them alive and love the natural look of using an old sun-dried tomato jar and vanilla jar as vases.  Again, the rustic influence is coming through in leaving the label on the jar.  

I love these Fall months! 


On Honey We're Healthy:  Clear Skin & Non-Oily Hair Solutions

Breast Cancer Awareness:  I'm proud to support breast cancer awareness this month. Many companies, including Skechers and Nordstrom, are donating to the cause as well.  You can show your support by visiting their sites and making a purchase that benefits the fight against breast cancer.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lingerie for a Cause

Next Friday and Saturday (October 24 & 25), Nordstom is hosting the "We Love a Great Fit" event and will have bra fit specialists available in-store to help you and a friend find your perfect-fitting bra that will help you work a little magic under your clothes.  They also have a prosthesis program, which I can only imagine has helped so many women feel confident in their clothes.  

For every bra purchased, Nordstrom and that brand will donate $2 to the Young Survival Coalition, a global non-profit organization that offers support, resources and connections to young women who are battling breast cancer.  I'm proud to support such great causes and brands.  Here are some intimate brands who are participating in the donation efforts.  I scoured the selection online to bring you the best rated bras and the ones I thought you might most be interested in.  Happy Saturday friends! 

1 // Honeydew Intimates Scarlette This one is just so pretty and different! 

2 // Betsey Johnson Forever Perfect Underwire Demi (Who doesn't love leopard?! But is also comes in other colors.)

3 // Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra (97 positive reviews, also in natural nude)

4 // Natori Understated T-Shirt Bra (146 positive reviews, also in black and cafe)

6 // Calvin Klein F2781 Soft Cup Countour Bra (86 positive reviews, also in black and French Roast)

7 // Wacoal 855170 Underwire Sports Bra (453 positive reviews)

8 // Natori Hidden Glamour Contour Underwire Bra (259 positive ratings)

9 //  Natori Feathers Underwire Bra (527 positive reviews, also in 5 other colors)

10 // Wacoal La Femme Molded Underwire Bra (222 positive reviews)

11 // Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Convertible Strapless Push-Up Bra (50 positive reviews, also in tan)

*I'm proud to partner with Nordstrom on this post and in the fight against breast cancer.
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